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Discover amazing new designs and put your own stamp on your home, with natural effect materials that put a contemporary feeling to your space.

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Pacifica Dark Gray


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Did You Know?

The Versatility of Porcelain Slabs Beyond the Interiors

Porcelain slabs are not just for indoor walls, floors, or countertops. Their versatility extends far beyond the confines of your home's interior. Imagine using them in your backyard for paving, as a stylish and durable option for swimming pool surrounds, or even as a striking feature on your home’s exterior walls. But that’s not all – porcelain slabs can also be transformed into custom-designed tables and chairs, decorative items of various shapes, and even innovative track sliding dining tables. Let your imagination run wild and share your most creative ideas with us. We're here to bring your unique visions to life!

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Decorative sculptures

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One stop sourcing & Supply

We source a wide range of quality products in bulk from hundreds of trusted manufacturers. Our products include a curated selection of cabinets, floor and wall coverings, and more. By ordering directly from FANTACI, you don't need to source products separately or via an intermediary, saving you significant time and money.

Hassle-free process

We understand the challenges of tight construction timeframes and budgets. With so many factors beyond your control, you need a reliable supplier to take care of the hard work for you. By working with FANTACI, organising your construction supplies has never been easier. We will order and deliver all your products using our well-planned procurement process customised to your project’s timeline and budget.

Price match Guarantee

We can give you access to innovative and rare products at competitive prices. We carefully select our range to meet a range of budgets and needs. All FANTACI products come as part of a package, ensuring you get an unbeatable price. If you find a lower price on the same quality item, we'll match it.

Quality control

Ensuring our materials meet our high-quality standards is vital. We take the time to carefully select manufacturers with an excellent reputation and a commitment to quality products and manufacturing processes. Most of products have a testing report verifying they meet strict international quality standards. Our products also come with up to a competitive 10-year warranty for added peace of mind.

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