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Headquartered in Melbourne Australia, Fantaci is a wholly-owned brand affiliated to Up import and Export. Committed to building a leading brand in home improvement building materials in Australia. In 2017, the brand logo was officially registered at the Australian Consumer Fair.

Fantaci specializes in porcelain slab and porcelain tile, which is a revolutionary alternative to traditional tiles and materials. Slabs with larger size and lighter weight are bound to become a popular trend in the future market.

Fantaci porcelain slab has the functions of fire prevention, moisture resistance, mildew resistance, high durability, low cost, resource saving and environmental improvement. It can be widely used in kitchen countertops/benchtops, bathroom walls, floors, halls of commercial properties, and facades of buildings.

Fantaci also brings together various suggestions from Australia's top architects and interior designers, to have the patterns and sizes specially developed for the Australian market, leading the design trend of the entire Australian Porcelain Slab.

Fantaci also takes low-carbon, environmental protection, and pollution reduction as its own responsibility at the same time. In order to treat the earth better, respecting and enjoying life is a kind of consciousness, an action, and a way of life.