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Innovate with Elegance: Custom Porcelain Slab Designs for Your Space


The Versatility of Porcelain Slabs Beyond the Interiors Porcelain slabs are not just for indoor walls, floors, or countertops. Their versatility extends far beyond the confines of your home's interior. Imagine using them in your backyard for paving, as a stylish and durable option for swimming pool surrounds, or even as a striking feature on your home’s exterior walls. But that’s not all – porcelain slabs can also be transformed into custom-designed tables and chairs, decorative items of various shapes, and even innovative track sliding dining tables. Let your imagination run wild and share your most creative ideas with us. We're here to bring your unique visions to life!

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Porcelain slabs for cladding offer a sleek, modern aesthetic with diverse design options. They're highly durable, weather-resistant, and ideal for protecting building exteriors. Low maintenance and easy to clean, these slabs withstand environmental elements without fading or staining, making them a practical and stylish choice for external architectural applications.

Swimming Pool

Porcelain slabs in swimming pools offer water and chemical resistance, ensuring durability against moisture and chlorine. Their slip-resistant surface enhances safety, while low maintenance needs make upkeep easy. Aesthetically versatile, they come in various designs, adding elegance to pool areas. Heat resistance ensures comfort even on hot days, making them an ideal poolside choice.


Porcelain slabs as pavers offer exceptional durability, resisting wear and tear in high-traffic areas. They're low maintenance, easy to clean, and not prone to staining. Their wide range of designs enhances aesthetic appeal for outdoor spaces. Additionally, their resistance to weather elements and fading ensures long-lasting beauty in various climates.


Using porcelain slabs for fireplaces brings aesthetic versatility with various colors and textures mimicking natural stone or wood. They are heat-resistant, ensuring safety and durability near high temperatures. Porcelain is also low maintenance, easily cleaned, and doesn't stain, making it ideal for a fireplace's demanding environment while enhancing interior decor.

Decorative sculptures

Porcelain slabs in decorative sculptures offer artistic versatility, enabling intricate designs with their malleable yet sturdy nature. They provide a sleek, elegant finish and are available in various colors and textures. Resistant to weathering and fading, they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor sculptures, enhancing aesthetic appeal and durability.

Bespoke furniture

Utilizing porcelain slabs in bespoke furniture brings a unique blend of luxury and practicality. These slabs offer unparalleled customization in design, allowing for distinctive and elegant pieces. They are highly durable, resisting scratches and stains, which is essential for furniture longevity. Additionally, their ease of maintenance and sleek finish make them an ideal choice for high-end, personalized furniture designs.

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