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The Green Skin of the City

For producing the thickness of 6MM porcelain slab, to provide fine and econmical solution for diverse of any buildings.
With the improvement of people’s living standards, hospitals no longer exist as simple treatment and treatment institutions. On the basis of ensuring environmental health and safety, people also put forward higher requirements for the aesthetic requirements of the overall environment inside and outside the hospital, such as environmental characteristics, humanistic design, and decorative features. Therefore, hospital building materials must not only possess the basic functional features of antibacterial and cleanliness, but also need to be based on the current social status, people's medical treatment psychology, and complete architectural ideas on the overall composition of professional, decorative, artistic and other participating hospitals.
After participating in a number of hospital projects, Fantaci Thin Tile sheeting cooperates with professional and experienced hospital architectural design units. Through thorough market and customer research, we provide you with safe and antibacterial green hospital building materials and build them through the following contents: Exclusive hospital building system solution.


 01 Various Product designs

The use of advanced inkjet printing technology, high-resolution, color, rich patterns stabilize, board effect colorful decoration more artistic;
Traditional decorative materials can be high imitation stone surface, wallpaper, wood, paint, concrete walls, etc. effect, the simulation of up to 95%, depending on customer requirements tailored to meet customer demand for hospital's work together to build a favorable patient ease the environmentally friendly building materials with the pain, promote healing and comfortable space.



02 Strengthening antibacterial

Shined under the visible light, the active ingredients of antibacterial materials have their electronics at the valence band inspired to the conduction band, and at the same time, the cavitations (h+) with positive charge is produced at the valence band. With the effect of electric field, electronic cavitations are separated and moved to the different positions of the antibacterial material surface. Because (h+) has extremely strong oxidative activity, the cavitations spread at the antibacterial material surface will absorb the free radicals (·OH) oxidized by H2O on the surfaces. At the same time, the high-activity electronics (e-) have relatively stronger reducing capacity, which can reduce the oxygen at the antibacterial material surface into active oxygen (·O2- ). The hydroxyl radical (·OH ) and active oxygen (·O2- ) produced in the reaction formation can indiscriminately oxidize and degrade the organic matters, including penetrating the cell membrane and damaging membrane structure; they can also effectively inhibit the microbe growth, degrade the toxin from the cells, eliminate bacteria and moulds, generate non-pollution water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2), and thereby produce the excellent antibacterial effect.


Characteristics of Fantaci / X.BACTECH:

  • Comprehensiveness. X.BACTECH technology can effectively degrade organic matters. Besides, it has efficient broad-spectrum antibacterial and mould-proof, which can decompose the toxin from cells or moulds and make the bio-safety disposal
  • Constancy. In the reaction, effective antibacterial ingredients of X.BACTECH only catalyzes the carrier and do not produce any reaction with itself, so there is neither change or loss. Shined under light, it can constantly catalyze and decompose organic matters, which features long time and constant effect.
  • Safety. It is non-toxic and harmless, and safe and reliable to human body and health. The final reaction product is carbon dioxide, water and other innocuous substances without secondary pollution.
  • High efficiency. X.BACTECH technology uses the endless natural light and other solar energy, and clear and purify the diffused low-concentration environmental pollutants.
  • Hll-weather. Whether there is light or not, X.BACTECH technology keeps the antibacterial ability, and it works round the clock.
  • Weather resistance. The active ingredients of X.BACTECH technology are spread inside and outside of the ceramic sheet. The product is made by being fired at high temperature for one time, and features firmness and durability. It is not simple surface spraying and coating. Owing to its extra-strong wear-resistance function, it will still work normally even though it is wiped and washed.


03 Ease Of Installation


Thin Tile have superior performance. Compared with traditional building materials, they have the characteristics of "thin, large, light, and tough" products. Due to their unique advantages of lightweight(less than 12KG/m2), they are aimed at different engineering applications. project, In order to realize such construction methods as wet stickers or hanging stickers, the high cost of materials, construction and maintenance for dry hanging keel structures will be eliminated, which will greatly reduce the overall cost of owners and the labor intensity of construction personnel.

04 Application Support

 In addition to the green board antibacterial products, Fantaci Thin Tile also offers special sealant antibacterial, antimicrobial and customized medical medical cabinets, sterilizing wash basins, toilets and other facilities or equipment sterilization.

  •  Cabinets

Wood: rot, mildew, moth, formaldehyde, deformation
LA'BOBO Thin Tile thickness of only 4.8MM, weighs less than 12KG, fired from a high temperature above 1200 degrees. Green sewage pollution, easy to clean, no distortion, no mildew will not damp and rot, giving you a "baby greenhouse" like a storage space.

  • Disinfection wash basin and toilet
      • Wall and Ceilling
          • Metal Fitting

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