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As the heart and soul of the home, a well-designed kitchen can transform your entire living space. However, managing your dream kitchen renovation can be incredibly overwhelming and expensive. The good news is that FANTACI’s series of pre-designed kitchens makes achieving a stylish and functional kitchen renovation affordable and straightforward. Our unified kitchen renovation packages come with all the elements you need to complete your dream home renovation—from beautiful benchtop to kitchen cabinet, tapware and splashback. You won’t face any nasty hidden costs, and we can customise your kitchen to the specific size and shape of your space.

Quality Kitchen Renovations

FANTACI’s kitchen range offers a harmonious blend of function and style at a value-based price point. While each kitchen features contemporary, timeless and intelligent designs, they also include quality materials that deliver longevity. Our quality two pack cabinets in matte finishes feature a range of colour options. As one of the premium cabinetry material, two pack finishes are usually easier to clean than vinyl surfaces, and will generally last you much longer than laminate cabinetry. Moreover, a two pack finish offers the freedom and flexibility of custom colour selections, and allow a more diverse selection of door styles and shapes to be used. In addition, our kitchen cabinets feature quartz and porcelain benchtop options, including a range of sizes and colours in order to meet your taste and budget.

Amazing Styles - Kitchen Renovations Melbourne

In collaboration with an award-winning interior design team, we’ve developed FANTACI Spaces—a series of beautiful and functional pre-designed interior packages for every room of the home. Our Spaces feature three contemporary styles that feature distinct elements from Australian, Modern Japanese and Scandinavian design. Each style comes with all the materials and fit-out products you need for your dream home renovation—from the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom designs to the wall cabinet system as well as indoor and outdoor floor covering. Our simple selection process eliminates complicated decision-making and high-end price tags while delivering designs that are stylish, practical and flow seamlessly throughout the home.


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