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6 Kitchen Storage Solutions for Your Next Home Renovation

31 July 2019

More often than not, those planning their dream designer kitchen renovation do not have the luxury of space. Everything from your kitchen cabinets to your choice of products can impact the functionality of your space. Regardless of the size of your home, we’ve listed our top tips for kitchen storage that reduce clutter and make for a far more functional space.

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When in doubt, add a shelf

Maximise space in an awkward corner or on your wall by including floating cabinet shelves on your designer kitchen backsplash. This is a great spot for glassware, whose transparency doesn’t clutter the space. While you’re at it, kitchen cabinet shelves can be utilised above or beside your kitchen windows to maximise wall space.

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Aim high

Just because you can’t reach it, doesn’t mean you can’t use the space. When designing your kitchen have the fitted cabinets built all the way to the ceiling. Use a step when you need to access stored items that you don’t need every day, like festive crockery or larger platters.

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Get creative with your pantry cabinets

Utilise depth in your kitchen cabinets design by creating pull out pantry drawers. When the kitchen cabinets can slide out there is far less chance of you forgetting your dry goods stored right at the back of the space.

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Plan your drawers based on your needs

Consider your priorities when designing your kitchen cabinets. If you know you have a large collection of fine china, you’ll need to have this in cupboard space. Pick your cutlery dividers early and consider separators for larger utensils, not just for your knives and forks. Pots and pans require a deeper drawer and your plates could need separators. Having an inventory of your belongings on hand when planning your designer kitchen will prevent you from wondering where that tagine will go come move-in day.

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Cabinet accessories are your new best friend

If you haven’t looked into wire shelf risers, you’re missing out. Turn one shelf into two by adding these storage space solutions to your pantry and cupboards. Add hanging spice racks or kitchen cabinet shelves to the back of your pantry door to maximise space further and include door hooks on the cabinet under your sink to store hand towels or kitchen wipes.

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Use forgotten space

Using hooks to the side of the end of your bench or island and hang pots or cutting boards. Hang your pots and pans above your island and add a magnetic knife holder to small wall space for maximum functionality.

Not sure where to begin? Let us guide you through the designer kitchen renovation process in Melbourne. Get in touch with us.

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