Pingtao Sun is a multi-award-winning interior designer based in China and the international arm of FANTACI, working as the Design Director. Pintago is responsible for the leadership and continued development of FANTACI Space.

Living in one of the most urbanised countries in the world, Pingtao understands the growing demand for simple and thoughtful design. He appreciates the value of minimalism and sophisticated design, which is reflected in his works that commonly draw from cultural and artistic elements of Asia’s long and rich history.

Pingtao’s experience includes interior design for prestigious villa and apartment projects, furniture design and exhibition design for the luxury watch and jewellery industry.

His accolades include, The Best Public Space and The Best Residential Interior of the IAI Design Award for 2012 and the Best Leisure Venue and the Best Commercial Space of the Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards in 2013.

Pingtao will ensure FANTACI Space continues to meet the needs of the urban Australian market, through elegant and functional designs.