Melbourne-based firm Arkee is FANTACI’s official design partner agency. Led by CEO Paula Bowen, the accomplished team are the creators behind FANTACI Space’s interior design concepts.

Working closely with FANTACI’s leadership team, Paula and her firm have developed a series of cohesive living spaces for the Australian market. The three foundation spaces are Australian, Scandinavian and Modern Japanese.

Paula has extensive design experience in Australia’s urban property market across multi-residential, retirement living and hospitality developments.

She is adept at the creative process and addresses it with impeccable attention to detail. Paula embarks on design projects with a strategic and contemporary approach and places a high value on collaboration and innovative thinking, which is evident through her loyal client base.

Paula’s also a trained fine artist, tapestry weaver and visual merchandiser. All her creative outlets have armed Paula with an extraordinary eye for colour and craftsmanship, which are beautifully demonstrated in her visions for FANTACI Space.