Where Our Story Began

With urban space becoming scarcer as populations rise, people are looking to their living spaces as an extension of themselves.

This idea that our homes should be an extension of ourselves while achieving the perfect balance of form and function is central to the FANTACI ethos.

FANTACI redefines Australia’s home renovation & house development industry by delivering beautiful pre-designed space packages and harmonising furniture to create a stylish and functional home that reflects the people within it.

The FANTACI concept was inspired by the idea that many Australians fantasise about hiring an interior designer to create their dream home but can't afford this luxury.

So, in collaboration with an international design team, we've pre-designed a series of stylish kitchens, bathrooms and other living spaces that mirror the diverse needs and tastes of Australian renovators.

"It’s the ability to get a professionally-designed space with all your inclusions at an off-shelf price."


Paula Bowen | FANTACI's Design Partner

We believe our home should be an extension of our lifestyle

FANTACI Space features three contemporary styles – Australian, Japanese and Scandinavian influenced. From the kitchen to the bathroom, TV wall cabinet, bedroom wardrobes, and floorings – we have every inch of your home covered. We can also customise your design to the shape and size of your home. Our selections of furniture and home décor have been handpicked to complement and complete your FANTACI Space.

With everything in one place, you can achieve your ‘FANTACI’ home, simply and affordably.

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Design Concept

FANTACI Space provides pre-designed interiors that have been inspired by the Australian lifestyle. We have a strong, collaborative international design team who design with passion and intent. We have instilled the benefits of rich cultural design and quality craftsmanship through our use of thoughtful materials, clever colour choices and exclusive designs. Our simple selection process removes excess decision-making and high-end price tags, while offering interior spaces that are aesthetically pleasing, practical and timeless. Each Space responds to Australia’s casual and playful lifestyle. So whether you live in a professional urban setting or a serene coastal one - there is a perfect Space for you.

Meet Our Designers

Paula Bowen


Melbourne-based firm Arkee is FANTACI’s official design partner agency. Led by CEO Paula Bowen, the accomplished team are the creators behind FANTACI Space’s interior design concepts.

Working closely with FANTACI’s leadership team, Paula and her firm have developed a series of cohesive living spaces for the Australian market. The three foundation spaces are Australian, Scandinavian and Modern Japanese.

Paula has extensive design experience in Australia’s urban property market across multi-residential, retirement living and hospitality developments.

She is adept at the creative process and addresses it with impeccable attention to detail. Paula embarks on design projects with a strategic and contemporary approach and places a high value on collaboration and innovative thinking, which is evident through her loyal client base.

Paula’s also a trained fine artist, tapestry weaver and visual merchandiser. All her creative outlets have armed Paula with an extraordinary eye for colour and craftsmanship, which are beautifully demonstrated in her visions for FANTACI Space.

Pingtao Sun



Pingtao Sun is a multi-award-winning interior designer based in China and the international arm of FANTACI, working as the Design Director. Pintago is responsible for the leadership and continued development of FANTACI Space.

Living in one of the most urbanised countries in the world, Pingtao understands the growing demand for simple and thoughtful design. He appreciates the value of minimalism and sophisticated design, which is reflected in his works that commonly draw from cultural and artistic elements of Asia’s long and rich history.

Pingtao’s experience includes interior design for prestigious villa and apartment projects, furniture design and exhibition design for the luxury watch and jewellery industry.

His accolades include, The Best Public Space and The Best Residential Interior of the IAI Design Award for 2012 and the Best Leisure Venue and the Best Commercial Space of the Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards in 2013.

Pingtao will ensure FANTACI Space continues to meet the needs of the urban Australian market, through elegant and functional designs.