FANTACI was established in Melbourne, Australia in late 2016 by the Up International Group.Our mission is to improve the lives of our customers through the power of high quality, functional and beautiful home design.We’ve created a new concept for the renovation industry and love working with talented people to navigate this exciting space.Since our inception, the Up International Group have held a strong people orientated ethos. We believe all success flows from the dedicated contributions of our staff.Our people are down-to-earth creators, collaborators and social supporters with entrepreneurial spirits. Our business ambitions include those of our people, so we invite our employees to set their own career goals while also working on FANTACI’s.With a young and diverse history, Up International Group hold a global mindset with an ethical conscious in all areas of business and social practice. We’re in the business of improvement. And we invite people with an innovative mindset to help us achieve our vision.So, if you’re looking join an organisation that has heart, recognises talent and acknowledges contribution, get in touch with us.We look forward to helping you shine at FANTACI.