Bathroom Vinities


Material has the biggest impact on the vanity's durability. OPPEIN uses
multilayer Plywood & solid wood particle board as the base material,
the surface are brush attached with waterproof paint,
it will not warp or become damaged when coming into
contact with water or moist conditions.

Fantaci Strength

We offer many valuable accessories for the bathroom space. These practical accessories allow you to create and divide space inside vanities in order to optimize space and attain fully adapted organization. Now, design the inside of your bathroom vanities simply with accessories such as divider, basket, hanger, storage box, etc.

Storage System

Keep your bathroom clutter free with our innovative and great value bathroom storage.


Ensure all your bathroom lighting is specifically designed for the bathroom.

Humanized Management

Humanized design offers more comfortable bathing experience.

Material Library

At FANTACI, we believe in design excellence that holds longevity. That’s why we focus on quality craftsmanship and quality materials.

This enables us to create beautiful, long-lasting interiors our customers will love for years to come.

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