Pre-Designed Space: A New Approach To Renovating Your Home

Kitchen and wall cabinets, bedroom design, bathroom renovations  … the list can be endless when first exploring the possibility of a home renovation in Melbourne or anywhere! There are many things to consider, and without prior experience, home renovation can fast become an overwhelming dilemma.

Some people are born with a natural flair for putting pieces together in a room and building a cohesive space, others can feel like it’s an impossible challenge. Engaging professional interior designers are also an expensive task only a few can afford.

Enter, FANTACI Space.

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Pre-Designed Space: Modern Japanese Living Room and Kitchen

Pre-designed spaces, defined by three distinct styles. Modern Japanese, Scandinavian and Australian, all ready to be implemented into the rooms of your home.

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Pre-Designed Space: Scandinavian Bathroom
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Pre-Designed Space: Australian Kitchen and Living Room

FANTACI Space takes the guesswork out of creating a beautiful space at an affordable price-point.

So how can the space concept work for me?

It all begins with a visit or our Port Melbourne showroom. Here, you will meet with one of FANTACI’s design consultants who will work with you to determine exactly what you are looking to do in your home. You will also be given a tour of our ranges of pre-designed space on display as well being introduced to relevant material, finishes, and product selections.

Once you have decided on what you are after with the consultant, a detailed quote and brief will be completed.

The next step is an on-site visit and measure from our team. This will help us to determine exactly what we are working with and ensure the space design and product selections you have made will accurately fit your space. Then the project is handed over to the professional design team to transfer the space you have chosen into your home.

You will then return to the showroom to view the full presentation of the complete design. Next, it’s as simple as signing off on the design and placing the final order. Your new furniture will then be delivered straight to your door. We also provide you with a comprehensive list of recommendations for licensed tradespeople to assist in installing your new products.

Choosing the right space style for your home

FANTACI’s three space styles; Modern Japanese, Australian and Scandinavian offer something for every home.

Modern Japanese features smart, uncomplicated interiors with rich timber and stone finishes and muted furnishings, offering a sense of calm and warmth. Our Scandinavian style features a light colour palette, light reflective walls and timber materials such as oak, for a bright and cheerful space. The Australian style is cosy and unpretentious with modern amenities that respond to Australian’s love of entertaining. It features warm, earthy hues and a range of raw materials.

If you’re interested in finding out more or booking an appointment with our design consultants please get in touch with our team, or give us a call on 1300 000 688.