How To Organise Your Fitted Wardrobe

Let’s be honest… most of us aspire to have wardrobes that are worthy of a Pinterest post – perfectly organised, colour coordinated and beautiful. The reality is, most of us probably look at our wardrobe and see nothing but mess.

The result of the classic get home and throw your clothes on the floor or putting it back in your fitted wardrobe without a second thought is that after a few days of doing so it becomes harder to find what we want and it’s a never-ending cycle of disorganisation.

Here are a few ways to organise your wardrobe and have it resemble those saved posts on your IG feed more closely.


Marie Kondo it up and have a clear-out

And we do mean clear-out! If you haven’t worn something for two years, you’re unlikely to wear it again. Keep the pieces you reach for over and over again, special occasion outfits that are classic, and take the rest to a charity shop. You will be surprised just how much extra space that gives you.


Now you actually have some space in your fitted wardrobe to work with…

Hang as much as you can. This makes things easy to see and grab hold of. Pack up out of season clothes and put them in a chest of drawers if you have one. Anything that you won’t wear currently can get organised and put away. If you don’t have a chest of drawers, put them on a top-shelf. 

Fold up and store small items in drawers or on shelves and put the pieces that you are going to need this season where they are easy to see, at head height or below. Keep shoes and sandals down at the bottom, where you may have a special storage solution such as a rail or clear boxes. Either way, store them neatly in pairs so that they are easy to access. Keep out of season coats up at the far end of the wardrobe.

storage solution, fitted wardrobe


Make it pretty!

Now that your fitted wardrobe has been cleaned out and organised better, it’s time to get those Pinterest vibes going. Matching hangers are a really easy way of instantly giving your wardrobe a facelift. White, pale wood or black hangers can look very chic according to the design of your room.

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Putting your clothes into categories (jumpers, pants, shirts etc) and then grouping them roughly by colour is both another great way to organise your fitted wardrobe, but also have it looking beautiful.