How To Design The Perfect Family Room

Pre-Designed Space: Contemporary Australian

The family room is the home’s epicentre of relaxing and spending time with the people who mean the most, so it’s important to get it right and consider your entire family’s needs when planning this space.

Fantaci offer an open-plan designer kitchen and living room range covering everything from custom made, Melbourne wall cabinets to solid timber flooring that can be tailored to the unique size and shape of your living area.  To help you get started, we share our tips on how to plan the perfect family room.

Planning, planning, planning. You will need to begin with a clear idea of what your family needs most from the space and what to prioritise. Do you need more storage and require custom wall cabinets? How many people do you want to utilise the space at once? What kind of surfaces will you require? Will the versatility of solid timber flooring suit you better than carpet? Start with incorporating your priorities into the initial design and then consider areas you’ll have to compromise on.

Pre Designed Space: Scandinavian

Spaces are often built from the ground up. FANTACI has a beautiful selection of European Oak – and Russian Pine-blended solid timber floorings in various patterns and grains. Our solid timber flooring uses advanced technology to layer the timber in a crisscross fashion, creating greater strength and stability than traditional timber flooring. Solid timber flooring is a favourite among architects and interior designers for its innate character, warmth, durability and versatility.

From here you can consider storage solutions and functionality using custom-built wall cabinets. Decisions surrounding where you would like your television to be placed, if you are including one, and then how you can make the best use of your wall space are important. This will allow you to create not only storage but a beautiful statement in a room.

Pre-Designed Space: Contemporary Australian

From here you can pick your colour scheme and consider the atmosphere you’d like to create in your space. Check out our tips on utilising colour here. Big-ticket items like your seating and fixtures will be your next step. Beanbags and window seats can be great seating alternatives when your lounge suite just isn’t enough. Investing in the early stages in ensuring your wall cabinets and large furniture items will ensure you are left with a quality foundation to enjoy for years to come.

After you’ve decided on these pieces, consider injecting some fun into your room with bolder accents like rugs, feature walls, wall art and soft furnishings. You can afford to save on cushions and throws that you may decide to change more seasonally to refresh your space. Adding in a kids corner using these soft furnishing can be a great way to consider the needs of all of your family members that can grow with your family over time. Beanbags and play rugs can be replaced with entertainment and gaming units as growing needs and interests change.

Designing a living room is not a one size fits all process. The final product should be a reflection of the unique wants and needs of your family. We can help you select the perfect wall cabinets and hardwood timber flooring in Melbourne to create your dream designer living room. Learn more about spaces here.