How Much Does A Kitchen Renovation Cost?

For many people who are about to embark on a home renovation, one of the first factors to consider will be the cost of kitchen renovations. The fact is that there are a lot of variables that determine what hit your savings account might take. For instance, Mike Popov of Kitchen Design Victoria says that it can range from $15,000 to $40,000 – but what does that mean for you and your dream kitchen?

Main Factors That Can Affect Your Kitchen Renovation

The size of your kitchen, the appliances that you choose, the materials that you use, and the cost of labour and installation will all determine how much your kitchen renovation will cost. If you have a large kitchen you will tend to include more kitchen cabinets. Will you use tiles or floorboards? Marble or porcelain benchtops?

Then there is the cost of appliances, and this can be the significant portion of your budget. When considering appliances, it pays to go online and look at reviews. You will find quite a lot of opinions about the quality of varying appliances, but it is worth spending a little time on this because you will often find that a dishwasher, for instance, works just as well as one at double the price. What sort of value are you getting for the extra cost? Don’t be swayed by the fact that one has a well-known name.

Let’s look at kitchen cabinetry while we’re thinking about kitchen renovations. If your existing cabinets are sound and up to the job, but you want a change of look, you could just buy some new cabinet doors. After all, why buy the whole unit if you don’t need to? You could completely change the look of your kitchen just by replacing the cabinet doors. However, replacing all your kitchen cabinets may be the better option for the long term because you will get better sliding drawers, easy close doors, and all the advantages of the latest cabinetry.

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Then there is the question of benchtops. If you are going for pure luxury and looking for quartz or marble, then it is obviously going to cost considerably more than if you opt for laminate. Or, you might opt for our preferred material – porcelain – for a beautiful look with the practicality of being hardy and long-lasting.

For a kitchen renovation option in Melbourne that takes the variability and stress out of the process, check out our SPACES options. You’ll know exactly what you’re paying with the security of an easy process, and the knowledge that you’ll have a beautiful, high-quality kitchen to enjoy for years to come.