7 Must Have Furniture Pieces for Small Spaces

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For those living in small spaces, we’ve rounded up our top 7 furniture must-haves.


These days, more Melbourne couples and families are opting to live in small apartments and townhouses, thanks to the affordability, convenience and ease of maintenance they offer. This small-footprint living encourages us to rethink the way we furnish our homes to optimise every inch of living space and avoid unnecessary clutter. We’re known for our pre-designed spaces and designer kitchens and bathrooms in Melbourne, but we also have a beautiful range of home decor and furniture. If you live in a small space, consider these seven must-have pieces for your home:


  • Slimline Sofa

While a large sofa may seem like the ideal place to unwind after a long day, it can easily overpower a small space and leave little room for much else. Instead, look for a sofa with a slim profile and style it with extra cushions for added comfort. We love the Nara Sofa for its slender timber frame and timeless design. For a sofa with fabric arms, the Yamba Sofa delivers optimal comfort without cumbersome armrests.

nara sofa, solid european beechwood, home renovations melbourne, modern japanese furniture

Nara Sofa, Solid European Beechwood

yamba sofa, 3 seater sofa, designer furniture melbourne, modern style furniture, living room

Yamba 3-Seater Sofa


  • Coffee Table with Storage

Opt for a compact coffee table that features shelving or drawers for convenient storage. For small living spaces, the Yamba Coffee Table is our top pick. This sleek and understated Scandinavian style comes with two easy-close drawers for handy concealed storage. Some ultra-small apartments don’t have space for a coffee table, so small side tables such as the Nara Side Table are a great option.

designer furniture melbourne, scandinavian style furniture, coffee table melbourne, solid timber table, small coffee table, living room

Yamba Coffee Table, 120 x 50 x 45cm

designer furniture melbourne, japanese style furniture, coffee table melbourne, solid timber table, small coffee table, living room

Nara Coffee Table, 120 x 60 x 36cm


  • Small-scale Armchair

A small-scale armchair such as the Nara or Abby is a fantastic investment when a second sofa is too tight a squeeze but you need extra seating. The best thing about an armchair is the versatility it offers a compact home. If your living room won’t fit an armchair on an everyday basis, use it in the bedroom or entranceway until guests come over.

abby armchair, solid european beech, designer furniture melbourne, designer furniture melbourne, japanese style furniture

Abby Armchair, Solid European Beech


  • Wall Hooks

Wall hooks are wonderful for hanging scarves, bags, towels and other accessories throughout your home. Not only are these a brilliant way to declutter your space, but they can also add a sense of fun and interest to your home. For a soft look, we love the Creative Wooden Hooks, crafted from light eucalyptus wood. The Leather Wall Hooks are another excellent choice for a modern style home.

creative wooden hooks, designer furniture melbourne, home renovations melbourne, decor

Creative Wooden Hooks

leather wall hook, designer home decor melbourne, scandinavian style, living room

Leather Wall Hooks (Set of 2)


  • Wall Shelving

If you don’t have room for sideboards and dressing tables in your home, wall shelving is a practical way to display photos, vases and other keepsakes. For Scandinavian simplicity and style, you can’t beat the leather and timber Decorative Wall Shelves. For a more playful look, we adore the Wall Decorative Storage in timber and steel with soft rose and cool mint accents.

decorative wall shelves, designer furniture melbourne, home renovations melbourne, decor

Decorative Wall Shelves


  • Raised Bed

In small bedrooms, a bed can take up a large portion of the room. That’s why we recommend a model with a slender, raised frame, giving you plenty of room to store boxes or belongings underneath. The raised Sara Bed is an ideal choice for compact spaces. It features a clean and understated design that will blend seamlessly with a range of modern interior styles.

designer furniture melbourne, scandinavian style furniture, queen size bed melbourne, solid timber bed, small bed, bedroom

Sara Bed, Solid American Oak


  • Bedside Table with Storage

Look for bedside tables with drawers or shelving to house books, clothing or other personal items with ease. For incredible functionality and style, we love the Sara Bedside Table. This beautiful piece features both a large drawer and a shelf for convenient storage, making it perfect for the compact bedroom. Style it with the Sara Bed to complete the look.

sara bedside table, solid american oak, designer furniture melbourne, home renovations melbourne, decor

Sara Bedside Table, Solid American Oak.


Optimise your space and turn your home into a modern wonder today with our range of selected furniture online at FANTACI.